Katie Herzig at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland on April 11

Katie Herzig kicked off her current tour last month at SXSW which was exactly when we featured the Nashville-based artist on Episode101 - Ready to Go. Her new record, 'Walk Through Walls', was a fan-funded venture for the multi-instrumentalist who originally hails from Colorado. She has done well to get her music out there by being featured on a ton of film and television shows. And the Doug Fir Lounge is, of course, a nice and cozy venue for down home folk on a Friday night.

CHVRCHES at Crystal Ballroom in Portland on April 10

Of course CHVRCHES are from Scotland! The land of a thousand brilliant bands just keeps on giving and the Glasgow trio start their US tour right here in Portland. If it's a structure that sounds familiar (two knob-twiddling dudes backing a single siren), they transcend this current cliche by just making electropop music that sound pure, effortless and - best of all - bumpin'! And I told my friend Raleigh that "I wanna know if they play "Do I Wanna Know""...

Temples at Star Theater in Portland on April 10

Temples are riding their buzzy, fuzzy wave into town to play at a venue that suits their classic sound, the Star Theater. The UK quartet's new debut record, 'Sun Structures,' looks like it sounds: a stately monument built for the edification of the gods of British psyche rock.So, if you're going to the Star Theater, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair - and some Beatle boots on your feet.

Factory Floor at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland on April 9

Last fall, Factory Floor gave Episode082 its "Turn It Up" title track and now the London trio comes to one of Portland's most intimate clubs. The lineup has changed a bit over the course of their half dozen singles and a couple of EP's, but with their new full-length they've solidified themselves - and their sound. The band members wrote, recorded and produced their post-everything debut record which seems tailor-made for the label that they're now on: the one and only, DFA.