Episode178 - #CreeperWeed

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Episode178 - Creeper Weed
Episode178 - Creeper Weed goes legal with new music by Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Bob Moses, Battles, Potty Mouth and Childbirth...

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♬Liner Notes♬: October 1st marked the first real day of legal weed here in Oregon, so we'll dedicate this episode to that! It's a mostly-ladies-with-NY-dudes-in-the-middle sandwich - and it's gonna be delicious... ;)

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas
"Sorry I Stole Your Man"
'Secret Evil'
Instant, 2014
Notes: "Two years is a long time to sit on a completely finished album, but that's the fate Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas experienced in getting Secret Evil onto shelves. Produced by Latin Grammy winner Milo Froideval, it was recorded for Blue Note, but indefinitely shelved after the label's acquisition by Universal. Hernandez got her record back and signed with Richard Gottehrer's Instant Records... "Sorry I Stole Your Man" melds a girl group backing chorus (by the Iveys), Latin rock & roll, and fat, old-school, horn-driven R&B, with Hernandez soaring over the mix."

Bob Moses
"Too Much Is Never Enough"
'Days Gone By'
Domino, 2015
Notes: "[New York-based duo Bob Moses] just released their debut album Days Gone By, and with it Bob Moses makes a strong case for being one of the hottest rising acts in electronic music today. While previous singles emphasized the techno production over the live aspects, this debut LP straddles the line between the two halves just enough to give their music a pop sheen. Make no mistake, moody production plays a critical role in the album, but it works more cohesively with Howie’s singing than it ever has in the past... The songs work best when the layers build up to create an emotional climax, as demonstrated by “Too Much Is Never Enough.”"

"Dot Com"
'La Di Da Di'
Warp, 2015
Notes: "[NYC's] Battles return with their [third] album entitled La Di Da Di via Warp Records... Spanning 12 tracks, La Di Da Di serves as the experimental trio’s follow-up to 2011’s Gloss Drop [and a lineup change]... In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Battles’ guitarist/bassist Dave Konopka discussed why the band decided to return to a “purely instrumental sound” for their new LP: "...we’ve always been mostly instrumental, so it wasn’t too much of a leap for us.""

Potty Mouth
"Creeper Weed"
'Potty Mouth EP'
Planet Whatever, 2015
Notes: "[Massachusetts'] Potty Mouth have been through some changes since the release of their great 2013 album, Hellbent. They spent time with with Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney engineer John Goodmanson, downsized to a trio and polished up their sound in the process. All this change is apparent on the self-titled EP they released in August. But the cleverly written lyrics, deceptively catchy hooks and killer attitude that made Hellbent so appealing, are still at the core of the groups aesthetic."

"Nasty Grrls"
'Women's Rights'
Suicide Squeeze, 2015
Notes: "Childbirth are a side project made up of members of Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Pony Time... The first single from...Women’s Rights is “Nasty Girls,” and it’s almost as dementedly great as “I Only Fucked You As A Joke.” It’s a crude, serrated anthem for ladies who piss in the shower and don’t clean litterboxes." The Seattle trio Childbirth closed out Episode098 with music from their previous album.

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♬@PumpUpThaVolume Music News♬:
#AlbumOfTheWeek: Mercury Rev - 'The Light In You'
Mynabirds drop new non-album single, "Leonora"
!!! aren't monkeying around in their "Bam City" video
Lauryn Hill's producer says 'Miseducation' follow-up is closer than ever
Stream Saintseneca's great new album 'Such Things'
The Jesus and Mary Chain begin work on first album in 17 years
Radiohead released 'Kid A' 15 years ago
Deftones' debut album 'Adrenaline' turns 20
Oasis' classic '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' turns 20 this weekend
Livestream Austin City Limits all weekend w/ The Strokes, Run The Jewels, Kurt Vile & much more
#BestOf2015 playlist on Spotify! Here's 3½hrs to get started...

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Episode177 - #Avalanche

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Episode177 - Avalanche
♬@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode177 - Avalanche drops crushing new music from Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Boogarins, Farao, Persian Leaps and Pure Bathing Culture...

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♬Liner Notes♬: Shuttin' down September with the official start of fall (the first rain's failing here in Portland as we prep this episode!) and we've got an "Avalanche" of cool, new music this week from the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Boogarins, Farao, Persian Leaps and Pure Bathing Culture...

Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
"Little Light"
'Heavenly Fire'
Ba Da Bing, 2015
Notes: "Will Wadsworth formed [L.A.'s] Eagle Rock Gospel Singers in the winter of 2010 following a failed relationship, a band dissolution, and a scary airplane ride. In order to re-spark his interest in music, he and his roommate, Jeremy Horton, gathered friends together to sing old Gospel songs. Inspired by their love of Washington Phillips, The Staples Singers, Mahalia Jackson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe — you know, the real classics... Heavenly Fire is an explosive barn-burner, taut with electricity..."

Other Music, 2015
Notes: "Brazil's tropicalismo revivalists Boogarins are back with second album Manual. It's a big step forward for Fernando "Dino" Almeida and Benke Ferraz, who began playing music together as teenagers in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia- recording psychedelic pop in their parents' gardens... From teenagers to young men, Boogarins are now set to release Manual, the same dual meaning in both Portuguese and English, "to work with your hands" and "an instruction book"."

'Till It’s All Forgotten'
Arts & Crafts, 2015
Notes: "London-based, Norway-born artist Farao - born Kari Jahnsen - has announced her debut LP Till It's All Forgotten...." Performing all instrumentation other than drums and bass, her vast army of tools – guitars, synths, organs, glockenspiel, sitar – radiate with intense emotional and musical craft. With international accolades, Farao will take her captivating live performance across North America as lead support for The Cribs... last week's full playlist.

Persian Leaps
"Under The Lilacs"
'High & Vibrate' EP
self-released, 2015
Notes: "[MPLS trio Persian Leaps' 3rd album in 3yrs] High & Vibrate, celebrates the indie-rock resonance they perfected on their first two albums, and climbs its way from a rumbling, dense-yet-light sound with bright spikes and sharp edges... [City Pages talked to frontman] Drew Forsberg: "For me, it's all about the hooks. It's a fault, perhaps, but I don't have much patience for music that doesn't have an immediate pop hook. It can be played on a ukulele, drenched in guitar feedback, or buried under lo-fi hiss, but it needs to be there for me.""

Pure Bathing Culture
"Pray For Rain"
'Pray For Rain'
Partisan, 2015
Notes: "Portland [duo] return this fall with Pray For Rain... its title track...adds new oomph to the duo’s crystalline transcendental yacht-pop. It’s still recognizable as the band behind “Pendulum,” but there’s a brisk uptempo drum programming, and both the synths and the guitars pulsate with new urgency and rawness. It reminds me of the way My Bloody Valentine’s sound jolted into a new gear on Loveless closer “Soon.”" Pure Bathing Culture's the only band this week that's been on PUTV before - having rocked ep071 on my birthday back in 2013 ;)

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♬@PumpUpThaVolume Music News♬:
#AlbumOfTheWeek: Run The Jewels - 'Meow The Jewels'
New albums out by CHVRCHES, Dead Weather, Kurt Vile, Silversun Pickups, New Order, JR JR, Don Henley and more
Big Boi and Phantogram collab as #BigGrams
Kendrick Lamar and George Clinton reunite on new Funkadelic remix
Jeff Lynne’s ELO prep first LP in 14yrs w/new song, "When I Was A Boy"
The Zombies are back again with "I Want You Back Again”
Sam Smith's safe Bond theme for SPECTRE could use more drama
Damon Albarn must've been right about Adele's new LP being boring if she tried to buy Sia's "Alive" for $1M
Pope Francis releasing prog-rock album called “Wake Up!”
Slayer captured their career best chart debut with 'Repentless'
Morrissey explains new novel 'List of the Lost' which centers on a 1970s relay racing team cursed by a demon
Score one for Fox: Foo Fighters say channel nixed 'Sonic Highways' Emmys performance
Arcade Fire's Win Butler explains Tidal's botched launch and why major labels are clueless
Viet Cong are changing their name, they haven't decided to what yet
Decibel Festival thumps EDM all over the Pacific Northwest Sep22-27

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Episode176 - Heatwave

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Episode176 - Heatwave
Episode176 - Heatwave melts with new music by Communions, Dâm-Funk, Saul Williams, Purple and Wild Ones...

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♬Liner Notes♬: It's only our second week with the new, shorter and sharper PUTV - and I'm already loving it! We've got another powerful set of new music this week from Denmark's Communions, LA's Dâm-Funk, Purple from BeaumontTX, NY's Saul Williams and Portland's own Wild Ones.

"Forget It's a Dream"
'Communions EP'
Tough Love, 2015
Notes: "Across a pair of EPs and a 7″, brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, Jacob van Deurs Formann, and Frederik Lind Köppen, Communions have become one of the more prominent bands in...Copenhagen as a whole through their immediate, melodic, atmosphere-heavy songwriting... True to its namesake, “Forget It’s a Dream” is filled with gauzy tones, albeit ones that mask the band’s underlying strengths, namely their sense of rhythm and Martin Rehof’s incisive vocal performance." Some are saying they're one of the best new bands from Denmark in a long time - and even talking "#BestOf2015".

"Glyde 2nyte"
'Invite the Light'
Stones Throw, 2015
Notes: "The L.A. roller-disco synth freak Dâm-Funk has kept himself very busy these past few years with collaborations, EPs, and one-offs, but he hasn’t released a proper solo album since 2009’s Toeachizown... he comes roaring back with the massive 20-song double album Invite The Light. The album features collaborations with Ariel Pink, Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip, Jody Watley, Nite Jewel, Kid Sister, Slave’s Steve Arrington, and others." We heard another smooth track from Dâm-Funk's critically-acclaimed new album back on Episode168. This will definitely show up on a lot of #BestOf2015 lists.

Saul Williams
"Burundi" (w/ Emily Kokal of Warpaint)
Fader, 2015
Notes: "Saul Williams’ artistic pursuits are many and varied, but from his beginnings at mid-90s poetry slams through a handful of albums and poetry collections, his focus has remained unchanged: using revolutionary words to remind audiences that the personal is political... Williams [5th length LP], the evocatively-titled 'MartyrLoserKing', and his diatribes are as timely as ever, with protests about police brutality, government control and economic disparity erupting around the world. 'MartyrLoserKing' tells the story of its eponymous fictional character, a Burundian miner-turned-hacker who starts a revolution from his computer." A long-time favorite of mine makes his first stop on PUTV, Saul Williams released this song a couple months ago and I was only reminded when he released another new song this week from his forthcoming 'MartyrLoserKing' album. He's also got a brand new book out, too!

"Beach Buddy"
PIAS, 2014
Notes: "The kind of beach music Purple makes is grittier, more Gulf Coast than Left Coast. The trio hails from Beaumont, Texas, and like a lot of small-town bands, they have an ambivalent relationship to their home. On the one hand, Beaumont was tough for creativity, prizing oil and strict Christianity above everything else. On the other hand, that kind of pressure breeds creativity. Good art comes from struggle. Purple named their debut album (409) after Beaumont’s area code, but they’re looking to break out of East Texas. The record is a mix of punk and grunge ferocity, spiked by pop hooks courtesy of the band’s two singers, guitarist Taylor Busby and drummer Hanna Brewer. “Beach Buddy” is party-ready, but Purple keeps its individuality on its sleeve."

Wild Ones
'Heatwave EP'
Topshelf, 2015
Notes: "Portland synthpop outfit Wild Ones emerged with a tumultuous start. While readying to record their 2012 debut album, Keep It Safe, guitarist Clayton Knapp blew out an eardrum and drummer Seve Sheldon found himself in the hospital with a punctured lung... Thankfully, those grim days are behind them, and the trials have only made them a stronger and more inventive group. Now, they’ve taken a second go at recording without turmoil on their latest EP, Heatwave... This time around, Wild Ones brought in Telekinesis’ Michael Lerner to mix and Grammy-nominated engineer Jeff Lipton to master the project." Congrats to Portland's Wild Ones on their new EP - and you can also check out my recent interview with the band!

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♬@PumpUpThaVolume Music News♬:
#AlbumOfTheWeek: Lana Del Rey - 'Honeymoon'
Sharon Jones reveals cancer return, but promises to "keep fighting"
QOTSA’s Josh Homme and Justice join cast of Iggy Pop-starring silent film ‘Gutterdämmerung’
Keith Richards' new documentary, ‘Under The Influence’, is on Netflix now
Microsoft finally puts Zune subscription service out of its misery
The late, great band Broadcast's ‘Tender Buttons’ LP turns 10
Insane Clown Posse's lawsuit against the FBI revived by appeals court
Morrissey says next week's concerts likely his last ever in the UK
This wknd: �� I'm. Seeing. @Kraftwerk. *bloop *bloop *bleep *blop �� ��

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