Preview: James Supercave at Wonder Ballroom in Portland on May 1

Not merely a man but a five piece from Los Angeles, James Supercave are currently on tour warming up for another LA group, Warpaint. The band is young, hard to pin down and just when you think you've wrapped your ears around their upbeat "Old Robot" sound, they bust out the chilled out "A Million Ways". I think they really are just getting warmed up...

Preview: I Break Horses at Holocene in Portland on April 30

It's been said that the new album from I Break Horses has the Swedish duo looking up from their shoes and upping the tempo and the ante on their second full-length. It feels like a smart move because now your feet can move as much as your ear's gears. And the thump of tracks like "Faith" are perfectly programmed for one the best places in Portland to boogie.

Interview w/ Paul Brannigan of 'Birth School Metallica Death'

Interview w/ Paul Brannigan of 'Birth School Metallica Death'
On the line from London, music journalist and author Paul Brannigan joins Media Monarchy to talk about his latest critically-acclaimed book, 'Birth School Metallica Death, Volume 1: The Biography' (Co-written with Ian Winwood). With a particular focus on the punk ethos that surrounded the band early on, the conversation covers this "polarizing force in a polarizing genre" that first blew my mind with a cassette tape in 1987.


Preview: Katie Herzig at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland on April 11

Katie Herzig kicked off her current tour last month at SXSW which was exactly when we featured the Nashville-based artist on Episode101 - Ready to Go. Her new record, 'Walk Through Walls', was a fan-funded venture for the multi-instrumentalist who originally hails from Colorado. She has done well to get her music out there by being featured on a ton of film and television shows. And the Doug Fir Lounge is, of course, a nice and cozy venue for down home folk on a Friday night.

Preview: CHVRCHES at Crystal Ballroom in Portland on April 10

Of course CHVRCHES are from Scotland! The land of a thousand brilliant bands just keeps on giving and the Glasgow trio start their US tour right here in Portland. If it's a structure that sounds familiar (two knob-twiddling dudes backing a single siren), they transcend this current cliche by just making electropop music that sound pure, effortless and - best of all - bumpin'! And I told my friend Raleigh that "I wanna know if they play "Do I Wanna Know""...

Preview: Temples at Star Theater in Portland on April 10

Temples are riding their buzzy, fuzzy wave into town to play at a venue that suits their classic sound, the Star Theater. The UK quartet's new debut record, 'Sun Structures,' looks like it sounds: a stately monument built for the edification of the gods of British psyche rock.So, if you're going to the Star Theater, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair - and some Beatle boots on your feet.

Preview: Factory Floor at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland on April 9

Last fall, Factory Floor gave Episode082 its "Turn It Up" title track and now the London trio comes to one of Portland's most intimate clubs. The lineup has changed a bit over the course of their half dozen singles and a couple of EP's, but with their new full-length they've solidified themselves - and their sound. The band members wrote, recorded and produced their post-everything debut record which seems tailor-made for the label that they're now on: the one and only, DFA.

Preview: Liz Vice at The Secret Society in Portland on April 4

I was blown away when I first heard Liz Vice a few weeks ago - and then I learned that that huge voice belonged to someone in my backyard! The Portland-based singer says she grew up singing and dancing along to 'The Lion King' soundtrack, but found her true calling when she put together her love for singing with her love for God. Her debut album's title, 'There's A Light', makes me think of the Smiths - but that's probably not who she's talking about. "Singing in church, singing with local rock stars", makes for a great combination and Liz Vice will do just that when she makes a joyful noise with a long lineup of other local bands this Friday night at The Secret Society.

Preview: Lydia Loveless at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland on April 2

She describes herself as a "Singer. Songwriter. Joke maker. Quite frankly kind of a bitch." She's also got more heart, grit and soul than most of her contemporaries could hope to muster. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the singer-songwriter's new third record has already been called her best and it just came out a few weeks ago. Since we haven't had a new track from Mrs. Loveless on PUTV since Episode022 (for some reason), let's get some "Head"!