Preview: Mogwai at the Roseland in Portland on May 24

The mighty Mogwai, as I usually refer to them as, really are just that: mighty. I first saw the band back in 2001 (?!) and, next to Atari Teenage Riot, they were the LOUDEST band I've ever seen; I could feel the sound waves making my clothing move. And then the Scottish boys even tricked the sound guy into turning it up even louder! In the nearly 20 years the band has been making records (and film scores and trouble), they have slowly, but surely and assuredly, become the high standard for instrumental rock. Explosions In The Sky might be nipping at their heels, but Mogwai continue to grow and morph. Their latest, 'Rave Tapes,' is the band's eighth studio full-length and it has a great analog-y sound with synths replacing - or at least augmenting - their usually piano-based song structures. By the time the third track kicks in you'll be hooked... and then comes the backward masking!