Preview: The Faint at the Roseland on May 31

The Faint at the Roseland in Portland on May 31It's been six long years since Omaha's cyborgiest band last caressed our earholes with a full-length, 2008's 'Fasciinatiion'. Bush was still in White House for crying out loud! So much in the world has changed since even then: Electropunk dance rock is now easy money for cookie cutter groups, conspiracy culture paranoia is pervasive and Conor Oberst is on CBS This Morning playing songs from his new major label release. Meanwhile, The Faint has stayed true to their sound and vision and, if anything, they've only gotten more cutting and contentious. "We don't need soap, We don't need straws, We don't need software, To tell us we’re lost…". But there's still a sliver of a silver lining to be found a moment later with, "We don't need prophecies, Ending in doom…" Sometimes on previous Faint albums, there would be a short rager that sort of split the A-side from the flip. But now with 'Doom Abuse', it almost seems like they just made a whole record of ragers. This album also marks the first time the band isn't on hometown label Saddle Creek or on their own imprint. It's a brave new world for all of us and The Faint has the soundtrack for the savages.